Rob's Story

Rob had always been the main source of financial stability for his family until he was suddenly laid off from his job. With Rob and his wife Liz having five kids to care for, their savings did not last for very long. It became impossible for the family to keep a stable household on Liz’s income alone.

The family’s five kids took part in Frisco Family Services Summer Lunch Program, where they met up at different sites and were provided with daily lunches for 9 weeks, and snack packs to take home over the weekend. Despite his best efforts, Rob was unemployed longer than expected but was able to take his kids to Summer Lunch each day and see that they had enough to eat and how happy they were participating in the games, activities and social time the program offered.

“I didn’t think I would be unemployed for as long as I was, but during that time I was able to take my kids to Summer Lunch,” said Rob. “Even though it was a really difficult time, I was truly humbled by the amount of support that was given to us by the community. My kids took part in the Summer Lunch Program which made sure they did not miss any meals and they had a place to go have fun and make new friends.”