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Community Caring

Togther is Better!

Community Caring Campaign

Community Caring

Together is Better!

These are our neighbors, individuals and families experiencing a crisis due to loss of employment, health or medical issues, death, divorce and other destabilizing situations. It is only because of YOU, and the caring concern and commitment you have for others when they need it most, that our community is made a better place.

During fiscal year 2020-2021, TOGETHER we:

  • Met the urgent essential needs of more than 3,300 individuals;
  • Provided more than $1.6 million in programming toward household stability; and.
  • Provided more than 582,000 meals to individuals, families and seniors living right here in our local community. 

What Is A Destabilizing Crisis?

How YOUR Help Has Impacted OUR Community...

Community Caring — Thank You!

We hope that you realize the impact you have had on our community as 2021 comes to a close. It is only because of YOU, your trust and your continued support of our mission that no one in our community has to go through a crisis alone.

We thank you for helping us help our neighbors in crisis. We've accomplished so much during this uncertain and sometimes tumultuous 2021, and we will continue to stand by our community in 2022 with the generous support of our community.