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Little Hands is our volunteer program providing children ages  4-10 an opportunity to make a difference in their community through fun, hands-on, seasonal activities.Volunteering provides children an opportunity to develop a greater capacity for generosity and a sense of self. It can also builds social skills and working as a team.

Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st from 5:30-6:30pm, Little Hands will assist with stuffing holiday stockings for our upcoming Holiday Day Store Program and our Silver Bells Social Celebration & Social. ► Click HERE to reserve your spot. 

Fall Little Hands Opportunity

Recently, Little Hands volunteers created handmade Fall/Thanksgiving cards for sharing during our upcoming Thanksgiving Meal Distribution event. Many participants brought their favorite pens/markers. Frisco Family Services supplied additional crayons and markers, as well as the cards for them to unleash their creativity.

For more information about the Frisco Family Services Little Hands Program, contact our Volunteer Services Manager at 972-335-949 or send an email to: